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Our Leathers


 It all starts with our extraordinary leathers alongside our commitment to fine detail and craftsmanship.
If cared for properly, all BRAVE Leather products will last a lifetime - Check out our Leather Care Guide


BUFFALO LEATHER - Our Buffalo leather is vegetable tanned in Italy. After the tanning process, the leather is tumbled in big wooden drums to soften the leather, giving it an incredible look and feel. Buffalo leather has a more rugged grain and this makes it a perfect choice for vintage styling. Shop collection

Buffalo Leather

SALVAGE LEATHER - Salvage leather is BRAVE’s most unique and interesting material, unique because it is leather in its purest state.  Other than applying a hot colored wax to the tanned leather, none of the usual processes are done, including abrading the surface to eliminate imperfections. The result is a naked and pure leather that retains 100% of its natural beauty. As it ages, the exposure to UV light will give the leather a deeper tone and the patina that develops with use will make styles in BRAVE’s Salvage your favorites for life. Shop collection.

Salvage Leather