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Inside the BRAVE Leather workshop…

Inside the BRAVE Leather workshop…

27th Apr 2017

In an industry dominated by mass production in low wage countries, BRAVE Leather is truly unique. BRAVE Leather handcrafts its leather goods and accessories in its own clean, safe factory in Toronto, Canada. We hire local artisans and craftspeople and pay them a fair, living wage. We care not only about our employees, but about the rights of workers and artists around the world.

In support of  Fashion Revolution Week, we invite you to take a look behind the scenes at BRAVE Leather and meet a few of our skilled craftspeople that create the beautiful leather products we sell…

Meet: Masahiro
"Masa" is originally from Tokyo. Masa has an encyclopedic knowledge of leather craft technique. If you ask him a question about any luxury brand's production, he can tell you where is was made, how long the factory has been in existence, what type of thread and what type of needle was used to sew their products.

He is also an accomplished Blue guitarist and has a cat named Pachi Patchi.

Meet: Nic

If you have a BRAVE Leather piece with a leather covered buckle or self-covered ornament you will notice you will never find a seam in the leather covering. That is because our talented hand craft workers like Florea "Nic" Niculae have been doing this type of work for over thirty years. The joke in the plant is that if you told Nic your eyeglass prescription, he could make you a contact lens from leather with a hand knife, and your vision would be perfect.

Nic also happens to be an incredible artist with a mind like Tim Burton - witness here:

Meet: Jenik
Jenik began her career making handbags in Iran in 1979. Still today, we sometimes see Jenik at the workshop at 6 am - even though her shift starts at 8 am because, she " had a great idea and couldn't sleep.”

Jenik's passions on the weekend are cooking, singing songs in Farsi and, on Saturday nights - 3 tequila shots. 

Meet: Billy
Equally as important are key craftspeople like Dharmendra Billimore, who started working in his father's shoe factory in Fiji at age 16, and 34 years later still has a passion for his trade.

Billy has a son and a daughter. His little boy is nicknamed the Tasmanian devil because he leaves dust in his tracks everywhere he goes.

Meet: Ana
If you look closely at the stitching, you will notice you will never see a back tack (which is the way a stitch line is secured) -that is because the supervisor of sewing, Ana, is obsessed with making sure every second stitch always passes through the same needle hole as the first.

Ana has a daughter named Sarah who was a baby visiting BRAVE with her Mom 18 years ago and in the Fall will start University.

Meet: Ahn
Ahn has been in charge of the same edge dying station for 22 years and still thinks she has room to improve her colour matching skills.

Ahn's original occupation in Canada was as a technician in a nail salon - a skill set that translated nicely to her job at BRAVE Leather.

There are many incredibly talented people who make our workshop a special place - the place where every BRAVE Leather product found on our website or in any of the 800 retail stores who carry our brand, was made.

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