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Originally introduced in 2003, our Inian belt has been one of our most popular items for many years. An expertly crafted leather covered ring buckle matches vegetable tanned leather links that close with a fold back tab. Perfect for slinging over a dress or low on a pair of jeans.
Several years ago we had a lot of scrap of one certain leather, so in order to use up the off-cuts, we developed this style not really knowing what we were about to create. This was the beginning of one of the most enduring styles in the BRAVE lineup. We have made so many of this style we seldom get to cut on the scrap because we used it all in earlier production - and since we never anticipated such success of the design, we are happy to keep making it.
One cool fact about Inian - each link equals one size so if you want to wear it at your natural waist you can remove a screw and take out the links you need to wear it high and then replace the links when you want to wear it on your hips!
  • 3 1/4" wide ring and 2 1/4" wide links
  • 100% Italian Leather
  • Made in Canada