The Magic of Vachetta Leather

The Magic of Vachetta Leather

The Magic of Vachetta

Over the past several months during this pandemic, I have spent a lot of time alone in my factory. This time has allowed me to reflect on the past 28 years of growing my company, and I have rediscovered why I am so passionate about my job. One of the most important reasons is - my love of the leathers. In this note, I want to share the process that feeds that passion and my love of the materials. I call this “The Magic of Vachetta leather.”

Vachetta is the creation of my friends from Conceria Ottocento tannery,(pronounced Otto-Chento - meaning 800 in Italian) located in the mountains of Tuscany.

My friends names are Rose Marie Moya and Luigi Caroti.

Rose Mary is originally from France. She moved to Italy in 1986 to follow her passion for leather. I love my conversations with her because she seems to forget which language we are speaking, and she can weave a single sentence together beautifully in English, Italian, and French.

Fortunately, I know just enough French and Italian to piece together the English and understand the whole discussion.

Luigi is the Senior Technician, and the inventor of not only Ottocento’s Vachetta leather, but I also believe - the hipster beard. He has been rocking this look for 20 years and speaking of rocking – he plays drums in a local Tuscan rock band like a maniac.

Together they utilize unique a tanning technique that produces Vachetta. This is a century old traditional pit tannage using oil and waxes, and strictly vegetable tannins. No toxic chemicals whatsoever. Vachetta takes 45 days to tan in an open pit, while lower quality leather is typically tanned in 10 days.

The effect of the tanning technique is unmistakable. The look, feel and even the smell of Vachetta leather is nothing short of spectacular. Seeing a skin of this leather is like seeing a work of art. A product made from Vachetta will not only give you feeling of joy on the day you first see it - but overtime it will improve in look and feel each day you use it.

I am so I love with this leather, I would be happy to share it with you. If you would like to receive a complementary cutting of this leather, so you can understand how special it is, please email me your address and I will mail you a small piece so you too, can understand the magic. My email is