The Story of The Classic Belt

The Story of The Classic Belt

"I first learned how to work with leather when I was a kid from my uncle who was a harness and saddle maker.

In 1992 when I was 19, I had an idea of how to make use of both my leather work skills and my contacts in the harness industry. I knew of vendors who were local Mennonites in Wallenstein, Ontario. They made, by hand, in sand molds - incredibly beautiful and durable buckles for the harness trade. I thought I could make belts from these stainless steel roller buckles and heavy vegetable tanned leather, so my very first leather belt was conceived - I called it the Classic leather belt.

28 years later, that first style is still in production, still in demand and still being worn by 1000’s of customers – some for more than 20 years.

Back in 1992, I was so confident my Classic belt would last forever, I declared the belt to be “guaranteed for life” and while we have sold hundreds of thousands of the Classic, we have received only handful back for replacement.

We still offer the lifetime warranty. We still used heavy vegetable tanned leather and use handmade stainless steel buckles from our Mennonite friends. And above all, we still make each piece in Canada.

A BRAVE promise – The Classic leather belt is guaranteed for life."

- Scott Irvine, Founder