If cared for properly, all BRAVE Leather products will last a lifetime


Cleaning: Many stains can be removed with a damp cloth – microfiber is a perfect choice.

Brush gently and use the least amount of pressure and moisture you can at first. Slowly add pressure and/or moisture as needed. The natural pores of our full grain leather will absorb moisture and often the dirt or stain will lift out with no other steps required.

For more stubborn stains you can try a mild baby shampoo or Ivory flakes (you can make this yourself by collecting shavings from a bar of Ivory soap). Also consider commercial products such as Murphy's Saddle Soap.

Remember to always use the least aggressive approach first. Your BRAVE Leather product is made from the finest full grain Italian leather and has no "correction" or plastic coating found on inferior leather products, so the natural skin is somewhat more susceptible to staining than "corrected" leather. With proper handling over time the product will mature and improve with age. 

Conditioners: There are hundreds of products available for conditioning leather. Before using any leather conditioner, apply a small amount to an inconspicuous area and observe the result. Some conditioners can make the leather darken somewhat, so if this is the result, either choose a different product or apply it evenly over the leather product so it looks uniform.

Many professionals, including BRAVE Leather use a product called Meltonian which can be found at many shoe repair shops.

You can even use your own hand, face, or body cream to treat small scrapes and scuffs. Remember your BRAVE Leather product is real skin, just like your own, but go slow and apply any cream lightly at first and see how the leather reacts. 

Odors: From time to time we receive an inquiry about the way our products smell. For most people the smell of leather is very pleasant (one of the most common statements when people visit our factory is "wow I love the smell in here!"). However if the smell of natural vegetable tanned leather is something you prefer to eliminate you can try these two techniques:

Dry Baking Soda: Put the item with an open box of baking soda in a paper bag and leave it there for 24 hours.

Febreeze: Spot test before applying to the entire item to ensure it will not discolour or stain the product. If the spot test is ok - lightly mist the product with Febreeze.

If you have any specific leather care questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or 1 (888) 655-6905.