Our Leathers

It all starts with our extraordinary leathers alongside our commitment to fine detail and craftsmanship.
If cared for properly, all BRAVE Leather products will last a lifetime. We guarantee it.

Bridle is a heavy weight leather with a smooth finish. LEARN MORE
Our signature leather. Salvage is a raw and natural leather without a lot of extra processing LEARN MORE
Skrunchy leather is washed and air dried to create a distressed effect. LEARN MORE
Raw Washed
Raw Washed is a soft, thick leather with a vintage look and feel. LEARN MORE
Gump is a vegetable tanned leather that is hand burnished for a casual, worn look. LEARN MORE
Hair On
A BRAVE hallmark, this natural cow leather is tanned without the first step of removing the hair. LEARN MORE
This leather is milled to create a soft hand, and a waxy finish that has the look and feel of an old bomber jacket, but updated in modern fashion colors. LEARN MORE
A BRAVE fashion leather which is hand stained or print laminated. LEARN MORE
Our Suede is tanned on ultra soft raw material. LEARN MORE
Lux is a minimal dressy leather with a hot wax and iron finish. LEARN MORE
Embossed leather features a crisp embossed detail made with individual embossing plates. LEARN MORE
Vachetta leather is produced using a century old tanning technique using oil and waxes and strictly vegetable tannins. No toxic chemicals whatsoever. LEARN MORE
This leather is vegetable tanned in Italy on heavy weight hides. We select skins with natural fat wrinkles, this give the leather beautiful burnished highlights when we add the vegetable stain top color by hand. LEARN MORE
Nappa or Premium soft leather is lightweight, buttery soft and silky smooth. LEARN MORE
Laser Detailed
Laser detailed leather is created in-house with our state of the art laser machines. LEARN MORE
Shrunken leather is a durable tumbled leather with a soft hand. LEARN MORE

For care instruction check out our Leather Care Guide