Our Philosophy


In an industry dominated by mass production in low wage countries, BRAVE Leather is truly unique. BRAVE Leather handcrafts its leather goods and accessories in its own clean, safe factory in Toronto, Canada. We hire local artisans and craftspeople and pay them a fair, living wage.  BRAVE Leather cares not only about its employees, but about the rights of workers and artists around the world. We care about original design. BRAVE Leather is a company committed to creating beautiful, original product – the honest way.   






Our leathers are ethically produced by the traditional process of vegetable tanning, and are free of toxic dyes or chemicals. We use leathers from responsibly sourced tanneries that are exclusively a by-product of the food industry - not one piece of leather has ever come from an animal sacrificed for its skin. In addition, BRAVE Leather uses only zero VOC water based adhesives in our production.

We care about the environment and support the mission to produce eco-friendly fashion. We strive to reduce waste by recycling leather cuttings and remnants into leather tags and reusable pouches.  


  • Each BRAVE Leather piece is custom made-to-order in our Toronto workshop.
  • Since 1992, BRAVE Leather has produced more than 2.5 million individual pieces - 100% of which were made in Canada.
  • BRAVE Leather was founded in 1992 as a street stand in Toronto.
  • Some of the original belts made in 1992 are still being used daily by their original owners.
  • The position of employee morale at BRAVE Leather has been held by 3 individuals none of whom have ever missed a day of work at the workshop. The first was a brindle boxer named GYPSY who held the position for 11 years from 1992 to 2003. In 2003 another bridle boxer named Lexy was an absolute joy to everyone who knew her until her retirement in 2013 and the current head of employee morale is Bella - a fawn boxer - she is currently learning the role and is making progress with her one weakness - an uncontrollable urge to try and kiss everyone who comes into the office.
  • BRAVE Leather is the first factory in North America to employ laser cutting technology in the belt category.
  • The longest serving BRAVE Leather employee is Ann Bui who has been with the company since 1994.
  • BRAVE Leather products have been sold in 14 countries.
  • BRAVE Leather's first "workshop" was 800 square feet and was located on the 6th floor of an old warehouse building - directly over an accounting office whose employees were less than thrilled every time one of our machines shook dust out of the floor joists onto their ledgers as they worked.

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